Monday, April 30, 2012

Costume Drama

A costume from The Brothers Lionheart.  Photos by Carl Thorborg.

I have long overlooked Dansmuseet, Stockholm's museum dedicated to all forms of dance, and probably wouldn't have made a visit if it weren't for my friend Gabi's urgings.  One of Stockholm's partially free museums (you have to pay extra for the temporary shows), the majority of the permanent exhibitions focus on the museum's extensive collection of costumes from all over the world, and is the closest thing we have to a costume institute in these parts.  In fact, the current special exhibition on display, Koroly's Costume Drama, is one of the most exciting sartorial installations I've ever seen.

The breathtaking survey of Swedish-American costume designer Charles Koroly's work features a wide span of pieces, ranging from surreal human-puppet costumes made for The Brothers Lionheart, to classic French rococo attire made for a production of Madame de Sade.  Each piece is incredibly constructed, and one of the most impressive highlights is a costume for The Brothers Lionheart that involves a metal cage skirt covered in floral branches, and is so large and unwieldy that it has its own set of wheels built into the hemline so it can be rolled along with the performer on stage.  What makes the show particularly special is the fact that visitors are actually allowed to touch all of the garments on display, allowing curious couture students to thoroughly examine the construction and enjoy every aspect of illusion creation.  That's a privilege that would be hard to find anywhere else.

Costumes from The Brothers Lionheart

A costume from Aurum

Costume from The Brothers Lionheart

Costume from Erik XIV

Costumes from Madame de Sade

Costume from The Brothers Lionheart

Costume from The Brothers Lionheart

Costume from The Misanthrope

Costumes from Richard III

Costume for Twelfth Night

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I'm breathless! Stunning! XXX Suzanne

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Amazing!!Thank you for sharing these stunning costumes!