Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stockholm Lately

Robyn's excellent performance at the Bon Magazine 10th Anniversary Party

Now that the springtime is here, and life is worth living again, Stockholm is quickly metamorphosing into a place that I actually enjoy being in.  It helps that everyone else in the country is undergoing a similar spring awakening (as one friend puts it, it's like 'rising from the grave').  Since every minute of increasing daylight is a reason to celebrate, I've been going out all week.  People are even finally starting to make visits again, and my friends Geordon and Leigh from The Misshapes stopped by this weekend to DJ the Bon Magazine 10th Anniversary Party, where Robyn put on an amazing show.  As much as I love this place, I have to say, it was undeniably fun to have a nice injection of New York.  Here are some of my favorite photos from the past few days, in no particular order.

Asian girl poses with Fumi at the Bon Magazine Party. Fumi was wearing a Jeremy Scott jumpsuit. I wore my Mary Katrantzou x Topshop dress.

Fumi and Geordon

Leigh modeling some eyebrow-enhancing glasses at Scandinavian Press Room

Geordon looked so handsome in his new leather biker jacket, courtesy of Acne

Hanging out in Geordan's hotel room at Berns before the Bon party. Gabi wore her vintage DKNY dress.

Finsk platform wedges at Scandinavian Press Room

Hanging out with the boys in the (Hammarbyhojden) hood

Opening night of Stockholm's latest Shopping Center, Mood

Somebody threw a bike over the Sankt Eriksgatan bridge, and it's been lying on top of the frozen over waters of Karlbergssjon ever since.  

Robyn's Prada brogues.

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laia. said...

so lucky to see robyn at a small place!

Nevena said...

Robyn? Lucky you :)))