Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sadness is a Blessing!

All photos by Devastee

In the world of fashion, it isn't very stylish to be happy--how many editorials, runway shows or lookbooks do you see containing glowing, ebullient models?  Sadness is much chicer, and icy stares and solemn looks are more common expressions to wear than radiant smiles.  Sometimes though, all the sour faces and stiff attitudes can feel a bit too serious.  That's why I love Devastee, the French line designed by Ophélie Klère and François Alary.  The collections are always somewhat gothic in tone, with a strict black and white color palette, and inspiration sources that include death and other things that depress the designers.  Nonetheless, the gloomy subjects are addressed with a strong sense of humor and play, and a t-shirt from a previous collection reads, "DON'T WORRY AFTER DEATH BE HAPPY."  This season Devastee has combined motifs of crosses and skulls with smiley faces and grinning gingerbread man.  The result is ghoulishly comical, and creepily cute.  Even if it's chic to look world-weary, it's okay to smile once in a while too.


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Charles said...

ooooh! I really love six & fifteen :)