Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Mary

I don't know how exactly I missed the Mary Katrantzou x Longchamp collaboration, but in all the fuss over the designer's latest collection for Topshop (which I also went a little crazy for, but more on that another time), I neglected to notice her less-hyped, and similarly priced new bags, which are also arriving in stores now.  The bags, which are inspired by an East meets West theme, are done in the same style as her interiors collection, and features digital recreations of fantastically imagined rooms.  Architectural elements are mixed with other signature Katrantzou motifs like cascading flowers, gilt ornaments, and brash color combinations.  One bag even includes the undulating wooden staircase of the Longchamp flagship store in New York.  While I'm not normally a big fan of the brand, I certainly wouldn't mind wearing the logo when it's combined with a fun Katrantzou print.


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Anthea said...

These are fantastic!!

Idee Fixe ( said...

Ack how did I miss this too? I'm going to have to bug my friend who has a shop that discounts Longchamp (cheaper than the outlet at Woodbury!) and perhaps get my hands on one. Want me to see if they have one for you too? I love the first and third designs, and while I get sick of seeing them I must admit they come in handy when traveling or just doing a great deal of shopping. The classic style is remarkable for how much you can fit in there and I bloody well hate coming home with four zillion plastic bags! It'd be lovely to have one of those prints to perk up my spring wardrobe!