Monday, March 5, 2012

Maximum Exposure

Eco-fashion is getting better and better, and at the Gallery tradeshow in Copenhagen last month, I was stunned by the Artrebels Garden of Good showroom, which featured a collective group of young, forward-thinking designers who all focused on green design.  One of the most eye-catching collections in the group was MAXJENNY, a Copenhagen based designer who specializes in applying maximal technicolor prints to the most practical of garments: weatherproof outerwear.  All products are constructed with the environment in mind. The ponchos and jackets are made from recycled plastic bottles, and all of the patterns and silhouettes are designed to minimize waste and utilize the whole width of the fabric.  The resulting designs are draping and dramatic, but sturdy and built to take a good drenching.  The indoor collection of clothes is also made in a similar fashion, with simple pattern forms and shapes that are creatively draped to create zero-waste.  Innovation, however, comes at a price, and most of these gorgeous ponchos cost around $600.  While I'm saving up for one, I might indulge in a smaller treat: the fun, printed laptop cases cost around around $60.


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Sandy Joe said...

Absolutely love the wild patterned poncho's.

x The Pretty Secrets