Monday, March 19, 2012

Déjà vu

Having just started my Pinterest account less than a week ago, I've gone from being completely bemused and somewhat skeptical to totally obsessed within a matter of days.  I love the quick and simple ease of clicking a button and immediately scrapbooking the bits and bobs that you come across while trawling the internet.

This sort of personal library is exactly what inspired the designers behind Hernandez Cornet for Fall 2012, who drew upon a year's worth of collected references.  The collection returns to all of these ideas and sources of inspiration, and attempts to combine and reconfigure them with their own voice.  The sense of repetition and reinterpretation is reflected in the clothes, which are selection of classic garment types such as trench coats, biker jackets, and flight jackets, all reworked in different materials. While similar silhouettes and styles appear more than once, they look entirely different when they are made from PVC and when they are made from psychedelic printed poplin.  In this case of déjà vu, you might believe that you have seen the look before, but it appears entirely different the second time around.


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