Saturday, February 18, 2012

Unconscious Minds

All photos by Kristian Löveborg

One of my favorite shows of Stockholm Fashion Week was Beckman's College of Design Graduate Show.  I find graduate shows exciting because you not only get to see an assortment of designers presenting at once, but you get to see people who are fully exploring their ideas of fashion on a very conceptual basis, without necessarily having to worry about selling the collection to buyers afterwards.

There were many wonderful mini-collections on display which I'll have to revisit separately, but the one that stuck out the most for me was Amandah Andersson's presentation of four looks.  Inspired by surrealist art and the exploration of the human subconscious, the collection juxtaposed the outer shell of the human body with the interior world within.  Andersson created a peach colored knitted dress and a pair of pants with large sagging folds, creating a distorted, semi-disturbing revisualization of human skin.  These heavy looking pieces were paired with garments printed with airy, dreamlike patterns: one echoed Magritte's clouds, another presented a trippy watercolor mishmash of soft swirls and geometric bricks.  Beyond the concept though, I found the construction of the clothes highly imaginative.  I am curious to know how those sagging knit folds were made, how heavy those pieces feel on the body, how warm they are (they look fantastically warm).  I also found the printed pieces to be highly wearable and covetable. While Andersson let loose with her fantastic dreams, she still seems to have a strong grounding in reality.


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