Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Hasbeens

All photos by Swedish Hasbeens

The first time I came to visit Sweden a few years ago, I thought I would pick up a pair of the suddenly, surprisingly on-trend Swedish clogs. They surely would be cheaper here, right? Surprise! They're not! Given their recent resurgence from fashion oblivion to style staple, I guess I shouldn't be surprised by the price hike.  Out of all of the clog lines to emerge though, Swedish Hasbeens is probably the only one I would be willing to splurge on given that they're adorable, classic, comfortable, and produce new styles every season.

For Fall 2012, they were inspired by strong women from the 50's, who revolted against the era's constrictive social norms, and took refuge in the great outdoors.  The boot styles and loafers have a vintage "hasbeen" feel, but still bear the imprint of practicality, and can endure many long walks in the woods.  Most importantly, the Hasbeen collection adheres to old-fashioned standards of hand-craftsmenship, and all of their shoes are produced by artisans in small factories in Sweden, using natural materials. Nothing is chicer than keeping things local and sustainable.


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