Thursday, February 23, 2012


During Stockholm Fashion Week Maria Nilsdotter presented her eponymous jewelry line at The Story Hotel, which served as the perfect fairytale setting, with taxidermy swans, dripping candelabras, live harp music, and several model/princesses decked out in a royal array of fine jewels.  The theme of the Fall 2012 collection was "The Swan Suit," a tale of a princess who loses her magical suit which allows her to transform into a swan, and is then left behind when all her sisters turn back into swans and fly away.  The resulting jewels included plenty of stunningly rendered metal feathers, airy white lace crowns, and of course, plenty of graceful, long necked swans.  Even though the overall subject matter is very princessy and femme, the underlying melancholy of the tale seeps through.  Perfect for those who can't decide if they're a white swan, a black swan, or both at the same time.


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