Friday, February 24, 2012

Stockholm Shopping: Studio Vintage

If you're a regular reader of this blog, then you surely know that I love and adore Swedish fashion designers, and am an ardent collector of their clothes. Nonetheless, since moving to Stockholm, where nearly everyone is very well-dressed, and where nearly everyone buys and supports local talent, I've found myself increasingly likely to run into someone wearing the exact same outfit as my own.  The solution? I've been increasingly drawn to vintage and second hand, something that I've stayed away from in New York recently because of the horrific bedbug epidemic that's unfortunately taken seige of my hometown.  Luckily, my current adopted city is extremely clean, pristine, and bedbug-free, in addition to having a large number of vintage, thrift, and second hand shops.

One of my favorite new discoveries is Studio Vintage.  I don't know why I haven't visited sooner, as my friend Patrik works there, but it is situated in a part of town that I rarely frequent.  Located in the heart of Ostermalm, an area known more for expensive designer boutiques than for quirky and fun finds, the boutique is an unexpected and rather lovely surprise.  Carefully curated by Maria Jonas, the store is a mix of second hand designer finds and amazing vintage pieces, many of them with interesting histories and previous lives that Jonas can tell you about.  On my visit today, I came across 80's era Theirry Mugler suits, previous season Prada sweaters, a Versace dress that was recently knocked off in the H&M collaboration, and a trove of Balmain dresses.  Of course there were plenty of Swedish designers in the mix too, and it's clear that Jonas has an eye for good design.  Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the store is the prices, which are also reasonable, as Jonas believes that vintage allows people to buy unique clothes without having to pay couture prices.  For those of you outside of Stockholm, Studio Vintage will be launching their eBay shop soon!

Charles Jourdan shoes and vintage bag

Versace dress

Louis Vuitton ballet flats

Pucci dress

Vintage Laura Ashley blouse


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