Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Space Is The Place

I remember one of my favorite rides at Epcot center was a slow moving trolley that took you through scenes of "The Future."  As a child, everything seemed mystical, unfathomable, and impossible far off.  Now, Christina told me they had to update the ride, as one previous scene included people having a video phone call, something that is common rather than farfetched nowadays (by the way, will someone teach Christina how to use her Skype already?).  It seems the future is moving ever closer, and those wild visions of the 21st Century aren't nearly so far away anymore.

Andrew Majtenyi's new Fall collection draws extensively from this idea of the future, bringing it very much into the present.  Inspired in part by the last shuttle launch, which incidentally took place in Florida not so far away from Epcot Center, Majtenyi infuses his garments with a distinctively space age feel.  The collection mixes hexagon geometric prints and cool metallic colors with powerful shapes and angular cuts, and though the direction is forward thinking, the feeling is very contemporary. Perhaps the future is now.


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