Sunday, February 19, 2012

South by Southwest

All photos by Saga Sig 

I first came across Miista at Urban Outfitter's last year, and was immediately taken by the unique, well crafted styles, available at a reasonable price.  Unlike many other shoe brands in the same price-range, which often traffic in the business of designer knock-offs, Miista creates styles that are truly their own.  Their shoes often incorporate tooled leather, woven cords, and novel shapes and silhouettes.  The new spring collection has a distinctly 70's southwestern feel, and includes Ikat print boot-sandals, patchwork leather slingbacks, and high-heel T-straps in a gorgeously Smurfy blue.  I'm particularly entranced by the magical lookbook, shot by Saga Sig, which will definitely serve as inspiration for how I'll be dressing when warmer weather rolls around.


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Grace said...

Amazing shots!

Love Grace.