Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mix and Mashup

One of the fabulously dressed Kron by KRONKRON sales ladies at the Gallery show in Copenhagen

Iceland is a tiny, but magical place, and even if you do not believe in fairies and elves as many of the locals do, you cannot help but get the sense that you're entering a realm straight out of Lord of the Rings when you visit.  Perhaps this atmosphere is what creates the nonstep sense of revelry in the infamously hard-partying city of Reykjavik.  I also have no doubt that this environment of magical thinking has fostered a culture of magical dressing.  KRONKRON, the unmissable store that peddles clothes from hard to find labels like Gaspard Yurkievich and Henrik Vibskov, has consistently contributed to dressing Icelanders in wonderous attire.

Even with their long roster of amazing designers, I have to say, my favorite offering is their own in-house shoe and clothing line, Kron by KRONKRON.  Their loud, colorful, and pattern-heavy collection is only meant to be worn one way: all mixed together at once, with as many clashing patterns and colors as you possibly fit onto the little canvas of your human body.  You might not think it would look nice, but somehow all of the items harmoniously work together, and you cannot imagine wearing a Kron dress without the mismatched stockings, shoes, and jacket on top (as beautifully demonstrated by the lady above).  As if it couldn't get any better, for Fall 2012, they presented dresses covered in digital print gems, velvet burnt-out in geometric patterns, and transparent silk pajama pants printed with butterfly wings.  These are items I could only dream of. Thank heavens KRONKRON actually went about and made them.


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montes Y mills said...

the sheer KRON pieces are awesome!!!

yiqin; said...

the prints are so pretty

Insomnia said...

All those prints and colors, sigh * Liking the sheer pieces as well!

Wear The Canvas said...

omg I LOVE those prints! I want!!


Wow their stuff is amazing. The printed fabrics are awesome! especially love the sheer garments :)