Monday, February 13, 2012

How to bend a fork with your mind: Minimarket Fall 2012

All photos by Kristian Löveborg

Fashion shows, while exciting, are usually a pretty generic affair, so it is always nice when designers make the extra effort to turn their runway presentations into a proper spectacle.  This season Minimarket displayed looks from their Fall 2012 collection alongside a mini magic show, which was executed by Pedro Almodovar's brilliant muse, Rossy de Palma.  The performance included traditional slight of hand tricks, sword swallowing, and a Minimarket model being sawed in half to reappear whole, and wearing a different outfit.  Though the show, and the surprise appearance by de Palma, added an incredible amount of excitement, the real magic was in the clothes, which were inspired by Vaudeville theater and Harry Houdini.  The collection includes embroidered sheer pants, shimmering sequined jackets, and handmade pleats and braid details.  I personally loved the vintage-inspired printed bed jackets, which provided the perfect translucent layering pieces for de Palma's opening strip tease.  Everything felt just right for adding an element of illusion and fantasy to quotidian life.


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SCISI said...

amazing textures. really loving the head pieces:) x scisi

jessica wu said...

this is so interesting! haha.
very entertaining too.
love the looks, though :0