Monday, January 23, 2012

Walk This Way

I'm always incredibly impressed by the amount of talent some of my fellow bloggers have. While we all have a shared interest in fashion, a few of us are also designers ourselves.  I've known that Monica, a long time blog friend, designed shoes, but she's been pretty shy about showing off all her designs, and has only given us quick flashes of her creations.  I recently did a little more digging myself and found some of her fun, humor filled heels.  Inspired by swinging 60's London and rock and roll, her shoes are decorated with cheeky motifs, including wedges adorned with lips smoking cigarettes and blowing bubbles, giant wire spiderwebs, and golden Pegasus wings.  Having watched my gay husband Brandon fight his way through his shoe construction course, I know how incredibly difficult it is to make shoes, and have an immense amount of respect for anyone who takes on the treacherous field of cobbling.  This whole time I thought the hard part was walking in them.  Anyway, here's a peek at her Spring 2012 collection, which are all, unbelievably, made to order.


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Lani Love said...

i love those wedges in the last picture. wow, wow!

Matter Of Style said...

thanks for introducing her!

Frou Flu said...

Oh THANK YOU Tiffany!<3 Love the post:))) THANKS for loving my shoes:) My shoes LOVE you too haha;)

Idee Fixe ( said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous designs, the the first through fourth in particular are calling my name! I want them all to adorn my little tootsties!