Friday, January 6, 2012

Lines and Curves

All photos by Metalepsis.

My friend Astrid Chastka is a woman of many talents. Professionally trained as an architect, she decided to divert her design talents towards the world of fashion, and currently designs Upstate, a line of scarves which is sold at taste-making retailers like TenOverSix and Albertine.  This season, she's launching her first foray into jewelry with the help of another former architect, Victoria Cho.  The collection, Metalepsis, is a series of flat bronze castings of geometric shapes that are based on mid-century modern Scandinavian design as well as the art of Sol Lewitt.  The shapes combine linear and curved geometries, and all of the necklaces are constructed from a set of interchangeable shapes.  While Metalepsis offers some pre-made design options, they also invite the buyer to create their own combination of shapes.  Each necklace is a very reasonable $86, no matter what combination is formed.  My personal favorites are the pieces which combine the soft half-circles with the tougher looking angular pieces.  Here you can see them modeled on our gorgeous friend Dakota, who is usually behind the camera doing hair (he did the hair for our lookbook!), but now gets a much deserved turn in front of it.


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