Sunday, January 22, 2012

Here Comes The Magic

All photos by Valquire Veljkovic  

I've always wondered how the literary theme of magic realism would translate into a clothing collection.  The Berlin based label Tata Christiane has given me a pretty solid idea with their spring 2012 collection, which was largely inspired by Gabriel Garcia Marquez's book One Hundred Years of Solitude, and his unique style of blending magical elements with reality.  Tata Christiane integrates elements of fantasy into everyday life, with garments that vividly blend familiar feeling print patterns and textiles with silhouettes and shapes from the sartorially unknown. Doily-crochet, afghan knit, furniture trimmings and scarf prints are remade in bulbous capes and evening jackets, that look part grande-dame, and part grandmother.  While the clothes clearly cater to eccentrics, I think anybody can appreciate the magical feel of seeing all of these strange, sumptuous colors and soft, mismatched knits wondrously fused together.


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Carmen said...

I love the gorgeous colour and the soft looking fabrics, makes me want to wear it all!

Carmen Ri.

Lani Love said...

and now i want a disco-clown wig. ;)

Idee Fixe ( said...

I'm sadly far behind in my blog reading and writing due to a huge project I'm slogging through, but I just had to comment on this! As a knitter, I find it so inspiring, and as a fashion lover simply divine! I think I'm in for some knitting to relax from the bloody deadlines! Thanks so much for the inspiration!
PS are you still knitting? Let me know next time you're in NY, I have a massive bag of wool I'd like to gift you!