Friday, January 13, 2012

Claymation Creations

All photos by HoKiou

I don't know whether or not this was a universal phenomena, but during fifth grade, the Fimo bead trend swept through my junior high.  You could buy the perfectly pre-made variety from the also very trendy Bead Store (a highly popular Upper East Side birthday party spot) or, if you were crafty, could attempt to make your own fimo creations.  I was of course eager to experiment, and I have to say that in retrospect, the results were rather misshapen lumps strung up on cheap string.  I quickly abandoned Fimo, having since decided metal is a much more favorable material for jewelry making, and haven't actually thought of clay much since.

That is, until I came across HoKiou.  The Paris based jewelry designer elevates polymer clay way beyond the boundaries of my stunted fifth-grade imagination.  While I would never dare to move beyond clunky, hunkering beads in psychedelic colors, HoKiou shuns beads in favor of shaping the clay into intricately crafted miniature menageries.  Subjects include incredibly detailed snowy deer, howling wolves, sleepy foxes, and gliding jellyfish, each encased in a tiny glass sphere.  HoKiou also makes very twee crochet storm clouds and custom initialed hearts, which are also irresistibly cute.  Perhaps I will be inspired to take up playing with clay again.


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