Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brow Mapping

ASOS feather jacket, Uniqlo heat tech shirt, Arms and Armory necklace.

A little while back, Anastasia of Beverly Hills sent over one of their Beauty Express Brow Kits for me to test out. I'm pretty low maintenance beauty wise, and generally stick to a daily routine of eyeliner, blush and bronzer.  I know brows are important, but I usually leave mine rather neglected and shamefully out of sorts.  The brow kit that Anastasia sent over included gel, brow shadow, eye shadow, a brush, and a set of brow stencils to choose from according to your face and eyebrow shape.  Clear and simple instructions from the brow expert herself detailed how to achieve the golden ratio, and were easy enough for a complete beauty novice like myself to understand and follow.  I'm pretty pleased with the results.  If you're interested in getting a little help with your brows, the company is currently running a "Wish You Were Here" contest to be flown to L.A. to have your brows done by Anastasia herself.  Instructions on how to enter are here (U.S. Residents only, sorry). Good luck!


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