Friday, December 30, 2011

Touch of Neon

11" Pink Fluoro Cambridge Satchel, iPad with Nicola Formichetti Zombie Panda cover

There's no better way to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder, something everyone deals with in this region, with a big walloping dose of fluorescent pink.  Even though I already have a large purple Cambridge Satchel, which Urban Outfitters gifted me a while back, I've been longing for the small neon version ever since it started making the blog/fashion week rounds earlier this year.  I finally decided to put it on my Christmas wishlist after Michelle mentioned that they sell lightly damaged factory seconds off the website, and Jimmy got me this "imperfect" bag, which has two barely visible nicks on the flap.  What Cambridge Satchel doesn't mention on the website is that the 11" bag is actually the perfect size for an iPad.  Even though it is quite small and gets cramped up pretty quickly, I managed to squeeze a decent amount of things into it, albeit with bulging satchel buckles.

Inside my bag: Pippi Långstrump (Pippi Longstocking, which I'm reading to practice my Swedish), iPad, Miu Miu wallet, iPhone with cover courtesy of Rebecca Minkoff, keys, and dinky Swedish phone.


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Diane said...

omg i LOVE that bag. prettiest shade of pink EVER! happy new year!!!

nocheapthrills said...

WOW best bag ever! Plus, you have great accessories to go into it!

nocheapthrills said...

WOW best bag ever! and great accessories to go in it too!

x ash