Wednesday, December 7, 2011

So Bad, So Rad, So Wonderful

I was just alerted to some bombshell news for any girl-child of the 90's thanks to Susie G over at Stylecaster: Lisa Frank has launched an apparel collection.  If you are, for some reason, unfamiliar with the rainbow colored perma-party that Lisa Frank embodies, I invite you to peruse the website, which offers gems like rolling suitcases full of glitter makeup and cookie jars shaped like golden retriever puppies.  The products feed into every 8 year old girl's sugar coated fantasies, and I was so attached to my Lisa Frank sticker box and stationary collection that I still have them buried somewhere at my parents' home.

Of course, the Lisa Frank apparel collection might initially strike you as one of those so-bad-it's-rad moments.  Most of the clothes are meant for kids, but the website cheerily points out that the "generous cut will also fit smaller adults." And even if I am one of the aforementioned "smaller adults," I can no longer get away with t-shirts emblazoned with smooching dolphins, which my younger self would have loved.  Nonetheless, I have to say that the more I look at the tie-dye mini shorts on offer, the more I think "that pink pair would look great with an Ashish sequined top" and "I wonder if those are high waisted?"  Also, the idea of shocking my fellow stoical Stockholm subway commuters in the morning wearing one of the rainbow pom-pom swing top might be worth the $35 cost of the top in itself.


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