Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Postcard Perfect Picture

After recently spying Bora Aksu's incredible line of paneled tights, I felt inspired to take a closer look at the London-based designer's entire Spring 2012 show, which I immediately fell in love with. The romantic collection of flowing, semi-transparent dresses adorned with perfectly placed frills and plentiful peplums was inspired by a series of antique postcards that Aksu found at a flea market.  The postcards, sent between Rose and Charles in 1905, and written in curvaceous French script, conjures vivid images of turn-of-the-century romance.  Even though the inspiration and the overall sentiment is laden with nostalgia, the designs themselves remain firmly planted in the present, perfect for some modern day romance.


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shelena said...

I love all the postcard you've post hope there's a lot more i guess other people will enjoy this.

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