Saturday, December 10, 2011

Northern Exposure

Here in Sweden, where winter nearly lasts six months (conveniently the six months that I'm here, heh), you cannot underestimate the importance of warm knits and sturdy outerwear.  Stockholm-based designer Camilla Wellton seems to be an expert in both areas, and her online shop is loaded with dozens of gorgeous styles that combine her feminine aesthetic with architectural cuts and silhouettes.  They're figure flattering, yet directional, and have the added bonus of being functional and warm.  Most intriguingly, Wellton offers made-to-order options: if you see a coat that you like, but find a collar from another style which you would prefer, Wellton will custom make it for you.  She also offers custom fit pieces made to your measurements.  Of course, the prices for such garments are on the steep side, but Wellton is offering 40% off of coats before Christmas.  When the only thing anyone is going to see is your coat, you may as well make it a good one.  


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MolDiva said...

amazing shoots dear. I love this post.
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just-another-fashion-blog said...

love this! where are you the other 6 months if not in sweden?