Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'll Follow The Sun

I don't even know why I bothered bringing so many pairs of sunglasses to Sweden considering the fact that I've barely seen the sun since I moved. I'm currently on a short escape to Nice before Christmas ( hence the short pause in posting) and have been soaking in every last moment of cherished sunlight, wearing all of my beloved sunglasses. I just discovered a line of sunglasses that I feel compelled to add to my small collection. Cast eyewear, is based out of Indonesia and designed by the fascinating Fa Empel, who can be seen modeling a pair of her designs above. In addition to creating the line of statement shades, Fa also has a sick tumblr, which I've been lurking around for hair color inspiration. Take a look at the video lookbooks for a pre-holiday treat, and then add a pair of shades to your Christmas wish list, I know that the "tell him that you and I are in love" model is on the top of mine.
The Cast Eyewear
CAST Eyewear x Markus Diyanto from Miles Pitt on Vimeo. -Tiffany

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Charles said...

here's looking at you, kid. these are incredible! have a really happy holiday!!

Ati Lin said...

Great glasses!!