Friday, December 16, 2011

90's Kick

Daniel Palillo dress, shoes c/o 80%20, Carin Wester scarf, Jo Gordon hat, 0770 ring from Wobblin Betty.

Recently I've been on a big 90's music kick. While grunge has experienced a huge style revival, for some reason all the over-the-top techno music and accompanying candy-raver looks, which were equally popular, haven't really made much of a comeback.  This Daniel Palillo dress reminded me of all those old-school rave looks, and actually seems like appropriate attire for Stockholm's new underground rave scene.  I recently wore this outfit to one of Cheap Monday's parties out at an old factory in the suburbs of Stockholm (you can see my coverage on  The music is different now, but the feeling is the same.  Anyway, here are some of my all time favorite 90's songs--not all of them are rave appropriate, but they've definitely been in heavy rotation of late.


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Amanda said...

that dress rules!!!

theequinebovine said...

dig the look

Frou Flu said...

coolness!:) love the combination of everything:) you always look adorable:)

wobblinbetty said...

hey you got the ring! cool, you rock it girl!
luv xxxx


what a sick dress!