Saturday, October 1, 2011

Norma Kamali 3D

Rather than presenting a traditional runway show during fashion week, Norma Kamali took an alternative route, and showed a 3D fashion film featuring the whopping 67 looks from her new Spring 2012 collection.  Audience members were given pairs of 3D glasses shaped like Kamali's famous cat-eye sunglasses, and then gathered to watch the fun short film featuring dancing models shimmying around in Kamali's sexy, space-age clothes.  Why 3D?  Kamali, ever the tech-savvy innovator, states "fashion is a beautiful partner for 3D, it is fun and makes the clothes pop!"  The video is now up online, and you can even shop the collection in 3D.  Don't have a pair of 3D glasses lying around the house? No worries, you can always sign up for the Norma Kamali email list, and they will send you a pair.  In the meantime, you can glimpse some of my favorite looks from the collection below, in 2D, but still popping.


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