Thursday, October 6, 2011

Good Vibrations

If I wrote down a checklist of all the things that I currently obsess over in fashion, Timo Weiland's Spring collection would somehow manage to hit a fair amount of them all at once.  It has a decidedly  feminine side, with plenty of flouncy, pretty dresses, yet also has an edgy tomboy feel that comes in the form of cropped sweaters, bandana printed jackets, and mesh tops.  Add to this a set of colorful prints, and you have a collection that I was essentially in love with at first sight.  While Weiland and his partner Alan Eckstein worked with digital prints, rather than printing sleek and photo-realistic images on fabric, they chose to do a clever reworking of classic fusty florals, spiked with a technicolor twist.  The Timo Weiland florals are giant lilypads, or coastal florals flecked with little birds, and you can almost feel the sea breeze drifting off of the garments.  On one strikingly adorable dress, a layer of printed sheer chiffon dances over cotton fabric in the same print, creating a dreamy and semi-hallucinogenic effect. I feel like Langley School's cover of Good Vibrations serves as the perfect soundtrack, encapsulating the ethereal and coastal cool that is built into these clothes.


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meagan said...

ahhhh this collection is lovely. it feels like a meadow of flowers on a perfect spring day. i love clothes that take you someplace else.

Jene' said...

omg I could die... These are so beautiful!

Anna Muchart. said...

me enamorado del primer bolso!!!!!!!!!!! me encanta *_*!! un beso!:)

Matter Of Style said...

I really like these flowered patterns, they look like an artist canvas, I have bought a similar fabric this spring, I still haven't decided the shape this romantic garden should have

the line sheet said...

those shorts are trying to jump off the screen and into my closet! must have!

the designres are both so nice too...i think this comes out in the clothing!