Saturday, October 15, 2011

Fast Track

I've been following Bangkok based brand The Only Son ever since it arrived at Fiftytwo Showroom a few seasons back.  Designed by Au Ekbutr Udomphol, the collection caters to both sexes, with its structural cuts and incredible construction.  Spring 2012 was inspired by race car drivers, and a look at the clothes reveals hints of the suits that they wear, the tracks of the tires, and the bold colors of the cars themselves. Although I wouldn't necessarily call the clothes futuristic, they do have a bit of a techie quality to them, and even the silkscreened pieces have the strange feel of vinyl mixed with cotton.  Even though I don't know how to drive, two of my favorite pieces are a sheer race car jacket, and a jumpsuit style romper. Obviously, you don't need to be behind the wheel to appreciate these clothes.


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Izzy said...

There's always something great coming out of Bangkok, I think they are a bit underrated. I wish this brand had menswear!

Six Six Sick said...

They do have menswear! I think you would love it, check it out!