Monday, September 19, 2011

Twenty Years of Daryl K

It's hard to believe that Daryl K is celebrating her 20th Anniversary. I remember when she first launched the brand, and reading about the distinctly downtown New York brand in Paper Magazine.  Being a preteen with my first taste of label-lust, I knew that I had to get a hold of a piece of Daryl K, even if it was way beyond my budget. Through sample sales and consignment stores, I got a graffiti print long sleeve top that I still own today, as well skintight pair of stretch jeans, which I have long since outgrown and parted with.  A lot has changed since the nineties, and though many other designers have since cycled through the spotlight as "it" designer of the moment, Daryl Kerrigan's  same sense of ageless, timeless chic remain.  Minimalist garment construction was enlivened with an abstract print by artist Spencer Sweeney, depicting swaths of color that looked like giant brushstrokes swept across a blank canvas.  And just in case you thought Kerrigan lost her downtown cred, Lizzie Bourgatsos of Gang Gang Dance provided the show's soundtrack of wild drumbeats.  Twenty years have past, but it's still the same Daryl K.


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Miss Nameless said...

Really great! The shoes are my favourites.