Monday, September 26, 2011

Red or Dead

Red and black is a notoriously harsh color combination, and the intensity of the two colors was used to full effect in Katie Gallagher's Spring 2012 collection Red Red Blood.  This season Katie was inspired by blood--not the splashes of blood from horror movies or nightmares, but instead the sanguine vitality of coursing blood moving through the human body.  Rather than thinking of blood in a macabre way, Katie sees it as our lifeforce, which is perhaps why red has always been such an appealing color to wear.  With her clothes, Katie takes that vivid, living color, which usually remains hidden underneath or skin, and brings it to the surface.


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Wear The Canvas said...

This is such a beautiful collection and I can really see the inspiration through the designs.

Anna Muchart. said...

cute blog:), i follow you!!!

xoxo A.

death_sexxx said...

ace collection!! plus i wanna do my hair like this!!

the line sheet said...

Beautiful! I love the first shot with that red dress! I was always afraid of red, but now I want to explore this fear.

I just bought a pair of red socks!

Did you notice the bountiful combination of red and black that night at Milk?

meagan said...

wow, these photos are absolutely gorgeous. the styling and beauty is spot-in and the whole collections feels so cohesive. mostly loving the various textures and bra tops. swoon.

little moon lover said...

wow loving it!
those 2 are my favorite colors and together they're even more awesome.. loved the cuts and design on these clothes.. really really good show.. stay cool!