Monday, September 12, 2011

Pleet Please

Brooklyn-based designer Samantha Pleet has been a local favorite since her debut in 2006. Known for her sweet, vintage inspired dresses and rompers, she's become a favorite of indie rock chanteuses from Au Revoir Simone and Beach House, as well as Caroline Polachek from Chairlift, who helped select the music for the show. Her collections are always full of retro charm, but this time it was infused with a little bit more of a Brooklyn edge. The collection had a woodsy/tribal feeling, part of a trend that's been sweeping through the city for the past year or so, giving New York a distinctly Portlandia makeover. On the wrong side of the trend, men who've never chopped wood buy expensive designer axes that they will probably never use outside of decoration. On the right side of the trend is a greater consciousness towards the environment, and a renewed love for natural motifs. Pleet is definitely on the right side of the trend, using as much organic material as she can, and presenting prints that include gorgeous painted feathers, and geometric patterns. I know I want one of everything in the feather print.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that all of the incredible braided horsehair and cutout leather jewelry was designed by Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons.


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Caddy said...

I like the dresses in the first half of the post particularly that printed blue dress.