Sunday, September 18, 2011


In case you haven't heard, the Nicola Formichetti store opened in the middle of fashion week, with a big ol' steamy party full of assorted pandas, monsters, and zombies, all hoping to catch a glimpse of Nicola.  Launched as part of BOFFO's Building of Fashion program, Nicola collaborated with Gage/Clemenceau Architects to build the mirror-covered space, which looks a bit like an imploding Bucky ball. It also resembles the famous Telephone Hat that Lady Gaga wore in the Telephone music video, which happens to be on prominent display, along with several other infamous Gaga outfits.  As if being surrounded with a million reflections of yourself wasn't overstimulating enough, there are strobe lights strategically placed around, so the entire interior is constantly flashing and reflecting a trillion watts of lights. Obviously not built for the seizure prone.

Anyway, Christina and I are really proud to have Triskaidekaphobia on sale at the store, alongside some of our besties like Chrishabana and Zana BayneThe store is only open until September 21st, so hurry down to check it out before it all disappears!

Telephone hat!
Triskaidekaphobia Teeth necklaces
Vintage Versace from Screaming Mimi's 

Zana Bayne harness
Zombie Boy Skateboards


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