Monday, September 5, 2011

Bright Lights

All photos by Sofi Svensson

Sofi Svensson is another one of the rising talents that showed at the Swedish School of Textile Graduate Show last month. To say that her work is eyecatching is an understatement--her senior collection was embroidered with hundreds of brightly colored beads and embellished with oversized sparkling sequins, with all the contrasting textures and colors vying for the viewer's attention.  Though the outfits wouldn't look out of place at a rave, or at Kenny Kenny's Sunday night party at Vandam, they were not inspired by clubkids, but somewhat counterintuitively, by mindfulness and meditation.  The collection, which was titled "Inner Light," tells a story of looking for peace, balance and happiness, and finding that shining inner light, which in turn manifests itself in a very extroverted manner.


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