Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sunshine State: Rodebjer Spring 2012

Arrived yesterday in Stockholm after one of the most unpleasant flights ever. Being so jetlagged I would normally skip the first 9 AM show, but of course the first show of the day was Rodebjer, and I couldn't possibly miss that. Lucky for me, the show was stationed far far away from the tents--a long trek for most, but barely a ten minute walk through the woods from my apartment. We always stay in Jimmy's old apartment, which is in Grondal,the Park Slope of Stockholm: lots of kids, and not much happening. Strangely enough the Cheap Monday show will be here too, steps away from my door.

This season, Karin Rodebjer was inspired by the life of an artist living on the Mediterranean coast. The color palette was based on artist's materials like canvas, clay, and bright paint, and the collection of wide brimmed hats, striped palazzo pants, watercolor floral print bikini tops and diaphanous maxi skirts evoked sunny seaside jaunts, and places that are a lot warmer than Stockholm in the summer. Speaking of which, it is in the 60's and cloudy outside right now. About to grab my little sister-in-law, and head to the Minimarket show. Hope the weather will take a turn for the better, as this collection has gotten me in the mood to see some sun.

Winterviken's Cafe, where the show took place. This is my hood!


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Anthea said...

I want every piece! Love the colors. Makes me want to visit Europe!

Izzy said...

those floppy boater hats would be a great addition to your collection! miss you, come back soon!!

jessica wu said...

love the palette and the textures! those bright primaries are beautiful!


Leslie Christen | LifeStyling said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about this and YOUR Blog!!!