Saturday, August 27, 2011


Louise Bourgeois sculptures of--need I explain? At the Louisiana Museum outside of Copenhagen. Nakkna dress, Barbara Bui sandals, jacket designed by my Mom, Threeasfour bag, Alexander Wang sunglasses.

Of all places to be stranded, I can hardly complain about Copenhagen. Nonetheless, I've been away from home for the better part of a month, and was looking forward to getting back. Of course I have excellent luck with weather, and timed my arrival to coincide with Irene's. My flight home was canceled, and it's just as well-- my apartment is literally on the borderline of evacuation Zone C, so I consider myself successfully evacuated. I am wondering where all of the other evacuees are going as this whole hurrication thing is fun, but expensive.

If I only had some company here, I'd be much happier. Jimmy got on his flight back to Stockholm as scheduled, so I will be stranded here alone. I won't be joining him in Stockholm for another 2 months, but we had an amazing time visiting the Louisiana Museum before he left.

Anyway, if you are in Copenhagen, holler at me! And if you are on the east coast, stay safe and dry!

This guy was part of a puppet festival in Helsinki!


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WendyB said...

I was in Copenhagen in 2007...would love to go back!