Monday, August 1, 2011

Got My Hair Did

Getting my haircut at ARROJO by Topher. All photographs by David Ducane.

Last Tuesday, I was invited to get my hair cut and styled at ARROJO Studio, an amazing salon that's been home to many of my hair stylist friends. While I've visited the studio many times before, thrown parties for the salon, and even had my hair cut by off-duty Arrojo stylists (thank you Ashley), I never actually have had the privilege of sitting in an ARROJO salon chair and getting the full treatment. ARROJO asked several bloggers to get their hair done and photographed, and I was lucky enough to get to participate.

In case you can't tell, beauty-wise I'm extremely low maintenance. I almost never cut my hair, and when I do, I usually do it myself, so going to a salon is a real treat. Topher was a real trooper about dealing with the resulting tragedy that was my hair--a long and mangy tangle of frazzled split ends. He also gave me the best hair cut I've ever had in my life (probably because of the whole cutting my hair myself thing), chopping off all the deadweight and adding plenty of layers and volume in their place. After the cut, I was also treated to a full makeup application by Liz, the in-house makeup artist. The final results will be revealed at a party at the studio in September, but in the meantime, here's a sneak peek. Thank you so much to Topher, Liz, Andrew, Daniel, Rebecca, Victoria, David, and everyone else at ARROJO--I had an amazing time!


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rebecca said...

awesome!! when nick & his team were in sf i was a model for gerard- they're such wonderful people and masters with the razor!! looks like fun & your hair looks fab!

Madame G said...

Such a beautiful haircut. I'm bad at making the effort to go to a salon too, but it's always worth it ibn the end.
You look absolutely gorgeous - can't wait to see the 'final reveal' in September!
Love your dress too - who's it by?

L x

Brandon said...

And then you went to yoga and messed it all up! But it was sooo worth it!

Cre878 said...

I'm actually attending the Arrojo Boot Camp, a 20 training program that encompasses cutting, styling, color and texture. It's been a blast! Last Friday Marc cut my hair, he listened to me and gave me exactly what I wanted! Yesturday Inva painted on some amazing highlights that have enhanced my new curly cut! Everything about Arrojo is an inspiration. The team is so colorful with their hipster fashion and they're extremely friendly! I own my salon in SW Florida and can't wait to take back home this unbelievable experience! Thanks Arrojo!! Gratefully yours, Marcy Moreno

find here said...

it looks amazing


u look amazing!