Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Eternity Now

Student shows are always a mixed bag, which is exactly why they are usually so much fun to watch. While there are inevitably a fair a share of designers who look like Project Runway castoffs, there are also plenty of emerging talents. The Swedish School of Textiles Graduate Show is always saturated with the country's top creatives, and it was one of the shows I looked forward to seeing the most while I was in Stockholm.  While there are plenty of highlights that I will share with you later, I left with a singular obsession with Clara Flygare's collection, "Eternity Now." Combining uber-oversized tent-shaped dresses with hypnotic prints of pyramids, evil eyes, and pagan symbols, the models looked like Bedouin tribeswomen who had arrived at the Blair Witch Trial. I highly suggest you take a look at all of Clara's lookbook photos, as well as her film below. I think you will become obsessed too.

Lookbook photo by Per Moller 

I am the Maenad - Clara Flygare from Everyone We Know on Vimeo.

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jessica wu said...

these prints are freaking fantastic! love love love it