Sunday, July 10, 2011

Triskaidekaphobia Lookbook Preview

Lovely Lulu chilling on the East River

This past Thursday, we shot our Triskaidekaphobia Fall lookbook with our dear friend and favorite feisty blogger, Lulu Chang. Lulu has coyly been hinting at a move to New York for the past year, which is yet to happen. In the meantime, we have to settle for quick glimpses when she comes over for her business jaunts. This time, we really made Lulu work, putting her through an eight-hour shoot that had her climbing, perching, and tilting dangerously off of anything high up and unsafe that we could get her on top of. We even had the misfortune of all getting caught in a flash thunderstorm which drenched us to the bone, in addition to ruining half of our electronics. Thank you Lulu for being such a good sport, getting soaked, and taking a tumble or two! And an extra special thank you to our photographer Serichai Traipoom, our hair stylist, Dakota Heman, and our makeup artist, Terese Bennett. Please check out their websites!

Dakota getting Lulu ready for her princessy look

Seri shooting Lulu at the basketball court

The whole gang!

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The Moon & Mars said...

So excited to see these!! When, When When can we see them all?

(Please excuse the breathlessness – Suffering from Triskaidekaphobia-news withdrawal over here!)