Thursday, July 28, 2011

Losing My Religion

While many fashion designers have drawn inspiration from the Catholic faith, appropriating crosses, rosaries, and even clerical garb for their own twisted purposes, fewer have looked towards Judaism. It is not everyday that you hear about a designer making "couture yarmulkes," and when I heard the term I admit I initially guffawed. However, I was familiar with the label, Young&ng, and their completely unique line of statement headwear and jewelry, and knew I should take a look. The fall collection includes a jagged gold headband that slightly resembles a crown of thorns, a cuff that is cut to look like shattered glass, and of course, a metal "yarmulke crown" with a honey-comb like cutout pattern that is meant to be worn like a fascinator. Even if a bejeweled yarmulke isn't your thing (it also carries a pretty heavy pricetag of over $1000), the other pieces are undeniably rad. The very secular looking gold haircomb with a metal fractal growing out of it is more to my (atheist) liking.


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HaPpy said...

awesomeee headpieces, here in Madrid the pieces are a must!!!

Espen said...

These are so beautiful, but there is no way I can justify spending 1000+.