Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Ice Cold

Bijules Bone Cross earring

Last Friday, I went down to Tribeca Grand to hang out with my friend Jules Kim of Bijules Jewelry, and view her new film short, Amasia, which was made especially for Diane Pernet's curatorial project at Vicenza Oro. As I've mentioned before, I've been working with Bijules on sales, but putting all obvious biases aside, I've always been a huge admirer of her work. The more you know about Jules and Bijules, the better you understand the deep introspection that goes into making such extroverted jewelry. I think the film provides as good of an image of the inner workings of Jules's head as an outsider is likely to get.

Viewers might be surprised by the lack of jewelry, as only one Bijules piece appears at the end of the film, and promotional shots are eschewed in favor of monumental images of metamorphosing icy and craggy landscapes. Jules chose a more metaphorical approach to the subject, saying "If nature is systematic, then there is a calm before the torrents and an unleashing of perfectly normal change. The moving imagery of terrain is pure. Its realness fools an untrained eye as visual effects may trick the sharpest one. The jewelry industry is a well - mapped frontier in search of discovery. The scenes in this film welcome a new generation of raw talent and poise to an unexpected universe." Everything that Jules creates is unexpected indeed.

Amasia | Jules Kim + wardenclyffe from Wardenclyffe Institute on Vimeo.


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meagan said...

that video was absolutely beautiful. i used to live in alaska and this video reminded me of that most wonderful parts of my former home. thanks for sharing.

Ivania said...

yes, not much jewelry in the video but it defenitely catpures a beautiful mood