Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hyères --> New York

Michael Kampe's amazing digital print parka. I know someone who would look amazing in this...

This afternoon, Brandon and I stopped by the Premiere Vision textile show with the intent of taking a look at the newest textiles and materials available for clothing and accessories design. I came out rather disappointed as a jewelry designer, as there wasn't much that I could use, but I did appreciate the fact that they had some of the designs from the Hyères Festival finalists on display. I've read and heard much about the famous design festival, but have never been, nor have I ever seen any of the pieces in person. While they did not allow photographs to be taken of Festival winner Celine Meteil's designs, I actually found that I preferred the work of a couple of the other designers who were displayed. My absolute favorite was a digital print structural Men's parka designed by Michael Kampe that would look perfect on the gay hubby. Wish I could lift it for him, but alas, it was too bulky to stuff under my skirt. I was also obsessed with Emilie Meldem's cage dress, that was constructed from leather straps and linen petals. I can't help but think it was made with Susie Bubble in mind.

A close-up of the digital print

Emilie Meldem's cagey dress

Maryam Kordbachen

Juliette Alleaume & Marie Vial

Juliette Alleaume & Marie Vial

Oda Pausma


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Megan Hattie said...

Wow, this is some really interesting stuff! I love the digital print parka, I'd totally wear it!!! love the picture with the llama too.

--Megan//The Martian Tide

Brandon said...

The parka could have probably fit into my trousers though! :P Fun day even the rain was interesting... See you tonight Lover!

Amy T said...

lol i love the last look with the llama.

and some serious cool parka design.

Emily LeClaire? said...

Beautiful stuff!

wobblinbetty said...

Emilie Meldem's cagey dress is just insane!!!!