Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Life: Curated Stockroom Sale!

I've been working a lot this week, but just wanted to write a quick note to let all you New Yorkers know that my dear friends at Life: Curated are having their first ever stockroom sale! Full disclosure: I'm a little biased because they're friends, and they also carry Triskaidekaphobia. Nonetheless, they also carry plenty of other fantastic goods, for both your closet and your home, including favorite friends like 80%20, Mary Meyer, Obesity and Speed, and Mike Gonzalez. I love them all, and even though I am totally cash poor from hitting up all the sample sales that have been happening this month, I'm planning on stopping by--I have my eyes on some Suki Cheema pillows! Everything will be at least 50% off or more, and for a sneak preview, you can check out some of the featured sale items on the Life: Curated blog. For those of you who aren't in NYC, sit tight, their online store is coming!


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