Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hairy Situations

The kids at Howkapow always have the cutest gems, and I'm constantly ogling their adorably off-beat selection of wares. My latest discovery from the site is Hairy Sock, a line of hand-crafted polymer clay baubles made by visual artist Ruta Kiskyte. The pieces, which are essentially tiny wearable sculptures, have the crafty feel of the Fimo clay that I played with during my childhood, but are enhanced with bunches of pearls, bits of velvet, or hanging tassels. My favorite piece is the clustered pearl broach, which looks like your classic lapel pin, but on second glance, reveals the addition of two wee feet in white socks and Mary Janes. I hardly ever wear broaches, but I am seriously considering ordering one of these, especially since they're not terribly expensive.


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HaPpy said...

awesssssssoooomeee !!! Thanks for sharing this things!!!