Monday, June 20, 2011

The Fabric of Our Lives

Ay Not Dead

A few months back, I attended the launch party for a site called Fabricly, without knowing exactly what it was. I had assumed that it would be your average online fashion boutique, but after a few clicks, a little more research, and an incredible visit to the Fabricly offices to view the pieces in person, I found the purpose of the company to be entirely unique, and especially intriguing from the viewpoint of an independent designer. Fabricly doesn't just sell a selection of clothes from under-the-radar brands. Incredibly, Fabricly looks for design talent that's just starting out, even kids who are fresh out of school, and partners with them to take care of the entire production of a small capsule collection. All the designers need to do is draw their sketches and hand them off to fairy-godmother type Alice Barlow, who then sources the fabrics, and takes care of all the Los Angeles based factory production.

The first collaboration was with one of my favorite brands, Ostwald Helgason, which was a natural start since designer Ingvar Helgason is the brother of one of the Fabricly founders, Ari Helgason. While the incredible collection sadly sold out before I could get my hands on it, there are plenty of other great designers on the site, including Caycee Black, Otis & Maclain, Ay Not Dead, and Mono Lake, and almost everything is under $200. If you aren't familiar with some of those names, it's because a few are launching their first collections on Fabricly. I only wish that the team worked with jewelry and accessories designers too as it would be a wonderful resource to have. Unfortunately they're only sticking to clothes right now, but if you're an aspiring designer, you shouldn't think twice about sending your sketches and ideas over--Alice is always on the lookout for new talent!

OH! by Ostwald Helgason

Otis & Maclain

Eve Gravel

Mono Lake

Ay Not Dead

OH! by Ostwald Helgason


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Kelly said...

I've always been a big fan of ay not dead, a friend introduced them to me when I was in Mexico. Glad they're available a little closer to home!

pink horrorshow said...

I came across the site I think through Man Repeller's link and am in love with that first dress! I'm impatiently awaiting for my size to come back in stock *fingers crossed*

Wear The Canvas said...

Love those prints! Espec. the first and last.

nicolette said...

can i have all these dresses? now? please?