Thursday, June 23, 2011

Best Blog...By A Dog

Bianca, with a portrait in her likeness. All photos by Eponymy.

I've been in a terribly foul mood for the last couple of days, hence the lack of blogging, or interest in anything except for alternatively toxifying myself with massive amounts of caffeine and chocolate and detoxifying myself with long stretches of yoga. For a moment this afternoon though, things took a turn for the brighter. Christina and I visited one of the stores we sell Triskaidekaphobia at, Eponymy, which not only is an adorable place to shop, but is home to the sweetest, friendliest, and prettiest French Bulldog, Bianca. Bianca, who is a model, muse, gal about town, and therapy dog in training, provided twenty minutes of pure playful bliss, making me think that I need to sign up for some of her therapy sessions as soon as she is certified. Since I could not take Bianca home with me, I was delighted when Bianca's mommy, Andrea, told me that Bianca has a newly minted blog, Lady Bianca Miller, where you can follow her photos, thoughts, and style musings, all written with far more wit and humor than most of the blogs by her human it-girl counterparts. Take a click--or better yet, stop by the store and grab a cuddle while you shop--I promise, it will make your day!

Hanging with her mommy, Andrea Miller, owner of Eponymy, and sleb friends Jason and Arrow Schwartzman

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Mileide Almeida said...

cute dogs!!

Brandon said...

OMG This is the therapy dog you were talking about! Can we both go visit Bianca this week?