Monday, May 30, 2011

Who's Horse Did You Ride In On?

Elizabeth Knight Pegasus necklace. Image courtesy of Tiff Porter.

A lot of people get somewhat freaked out by the idea of wearing horsehair. I've seen the material used in numerous jewelry collections before, receiving alternative reactions of awe or horror. Very few people realize that the material is regularly used in the inside of their clothing to stiffen and give structure to the fabric. I personally love the wirey nature of the material, which is incredibly strong and smooth, and feels entirely different from human hair, even if it closely resembles it appearance-wise.

The latest Elizabeth Knight jewelry collection, Dark Horse, has a decidedly equine theme, incorporating plenty of horsehair as well as bits of pony hide into almost every piece. Taking advantage of the drama of the material, designer Elizabeth Thompson braids multiple strands of the hair into gigantic breastplates, hangs them in shaggy curtains, and twists them into graceful ropes that form bangles and necklaces. Mixed with the armor-inspired metal pieces, the jewelry conjures images of warriors on horseback, giving added dimension to the jewelry collection's name.

Chiron Necklace. Image courtesy of Tiff Porter.


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