Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Use Protection, Wear a Hat

Straw hat courtesy of Hat Attack, Carin Wester denim jacket, Mother x Uniqlo top, Phillip Lim x Uniqlo dress, Katherine Kwei bag, We Are Owls scarf, Charles Anastase sunglasses, Triskaidekaphobia buckle ring and tooth necklace.

In my opinion, the best thing to come out of the Royal Wedding is the revival of the millinery tradition, with plenty of stylish guests of all ages wearing fanciful hats from designers like Philip Treacy and Stephen Jones. I personally didn't understand why Americans got so caught up in the whole event, seeing as we declared independence from the monarchy a couple hundred years ago, but I do admit the I became a gawking observer as soon as the headpieces started parading by. Even though Princess Beatrice received plenty of ridicule across all media outlets for her outlandish upright-ribbon number (done by Treacy of course), it was one of the most eye-catching pieces, and my favorite.

If the fussy fascinators weren't to your fancy, here's another reason to pick up a hat: May is Skin Cancer Awareness month, and a wide shady brim is one of the best ways to shield your skin from the sun (in addition to sunscreen, of course). In honor of the month, Hat Attack has partnered with 31 bloggers to help raise funds for for the fight against Skin Cancer. All of us were given a hat to style, and you can see my look along with all of the others on their website. For each of the hats sold during the month of May, Hat Attack will donate 20% of the proceeds towards the Skin Cancer Foundation.


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Charles said...

I am so with you. + I love your hat + sunglasses :)

PJ said...

Lovely hat and glasses!!