Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Secrets Secrets Are So Fun

Nasir Mazhar for Topshop Jeweled Headdress with Multicolored Pompoms

I've always appreciated how Topshop has gone out of their way to support designers who might not yet be known to the general public, even ones who only recently graduated from college, and use their clout to introduce them to a wider audience. While the UK based flagship store is well known for both collaborating and stocking emerging designers, only some of those collaborations have made it over to New York. Lucky for us New Yorkers, that's about to change, and starting this Thursday, they will be launching a "Secret Store" at both their New York and London locations.

What secrets do we have in store? Special treats from regular partners Meadham Kirchhoff, Emma Cook, and Ann-Sofie Back will sit alongside accessories from milliner Nasir Mazhar and jewelry designer Maria Francesca Pepe. We also can look forward to new partnerships with Michael Van Der Ham, and pieces from local favorite Tom Scott. I would love to get my hands on one of the Nasir Mazhar bejeweled headdresses which were originally designed for the Meadham Kirchhoff Spring show, but unfortunately they're about $600. However, his geometric brass hair combs are around $80, and might be a more affordable option. I look forward to seeing all of the pieces in person--look for the "secret" entrance market by the eclectic flower arrangements...

Nasir Mazhar for Topshop Headdress

Nasir Mazhar for Topshop comb

Nasir Mazhar for Topshop comb

Maria Francesca Pepe for Topshop Love necklace

Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop Bangles in a heart shaped box

Steven Morris for Topshop scarf


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Amanda said...

really looking forward to this :)

Wear The Canvas said...

Those headdresses are outstanding!!! I need one! they look like a mosaic of things I would have collected when I was a little girl.

pink horrorshow said...

Kind of unbelievable that these are from Topshop (although designed by others) those combs are pretty incredible.

Jen said...

The designer of these combs got his "inspiration" from the collection of beautiful hair combs by young&ng. www.youngandng.com She launched her line in September 2010. It's just sad that her idea would be copied.

Buxee said...

The combs are obviously a knockoff version of the ones from Young&Ng's collection, which launched in September 2010 and are a thousand times more beautiful than these. Sad when someone steals another designer's idea. http://www.youngandng.com/