Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just Mike

While you might not have heard of Mike Gonzalez yet, you probably have heard of Mike & Chris, the designer's previous line, which was well known for leather jackets and incredible outerwear. Having shed his previous company name (there was never any Chris), Mike has brought his signature leather pieces to his eponymous line, while also building up his women's ready to wear collection. I was first introduced to the line via Blue Stripe PR, and then ended up also freelancing for the company at the last Intermezzo show, so I really got an up close look at the collection, and really fell for the casual but luxurious feel of the clothes. I'm particularly impressed with the lookbooks, which Mike, who started out his career as a photographer, styles, shoots, and edits himself. Additionally, each season he creates some fabulous headgear exclusively for the lookbook shoot, but so many buyers were clamoring for the turbans that they ended up going into production. I know how amazing they are, and was wearing the one that Blue Stripe gave me almost everyday until I inevitably lost it. Unfortunately the fantastic hair-pieces from the summer lookbook shown here won't be on sale (who knows, maybe demanding buyers with change that too), but everything else should be hitting stores shortly!


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Charles said...

OMG AMAZING! I really love her crazy hair and hairstyling stuff too!
so inspirational.

melina bee said...

I really like the styling of these photos, especially the last one. tassels rule.

Caddy said...

Lovely summer inspiration! I'm like the multicolored braid.

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