Friday, May 13, 2011

Handbag Heaven

FREITAG REFERENCE multi-colored scale bag

Sorry for the major slowdown in posting. Jimmy surprised me with a trip to Jamaica for my birthday, and my internet access has been rather slim. Plus, I've been spending most of my time on the beach getting an unsightly sunburn.

Last Wednesday, I attended events for two very different bag lines: FREITAG and Katherine Kwei. FREITAG is a Swiss bag company that's been making bags out of upcycled truck tarpaulins and seat belt straps since 1993. While the company started with their signature messenger bags, they recently launched the FREITAG REFERENCE, with a more fashion forward focus. They've just opened their first store in New York, which is covered in a wall of cardboard drawers that each open to reveal a different bag style. I especially loved the FREITAG REFERENCE bags with a scaley multi-colored surface, and I'm a big fan of the way they utilize materials that would otherwise be taking up space in a garbage dump somewhere.

After the FREITAG opening, I headed over to the Thompson L.E.S. for a preview of Katherine Kwei's spring collection. Katherine always hosts the most fun gatherings full of my favorite fellow bloggers, and this time we were treated to dim sum, as well as two different bracelet making stations. If you aren't familiar with Katherine's work, she is particularly well known for her Chinese knot-adorned creations, and each style is decorated with a different type of knot. At one station we were given the opportunity to tie our own knot-bracelets, and after a few tries, you begin to realize how difficult they are to make--and I consider myself pretty dexterous with my hands! I have two Katherine Kwei bags, and struggling with my knots has given me an extra sense of appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into producing each bag.

Katherine also partnered with Charm Co. for the event, a jewelry company known for their charm bracelets and necklaces, as well as their treasure trove of vintage charms sourced from all across the globe. I almost never buy jewelry from other designers, but vintage is an exception, and their website is worth trawling for some of those one-of-a-kind impossible to find pieces.


Waseem, my date for the evening, in front of the wall of bags at the FREITAG flagship store


Katherine Kwei Lulu bags, my favorites from the new collection

Leather bag charms, one of which I'm positive is inspired by Katherine's furry white dog

Charm Co. charm bracelet

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melina bee said...

charm bracelets melt my heart.
do you know if the freitag reference line is also upcycled? I hear nothing but good things about that company

Six Six Sick said...

melina bee-
I'm pretty sure the freitag reference is also upcycled, when I was at the store it looked and felt like the same exact material as the other bags!